‘Club Moody’ welcomes weekend cram sessions, late-night studiers

Kerrville senior Cassidy Story studies anthropology in Moody Memorial Library. Baylee Versteeg | Multimedia Journalist

By Cassidy Pate | Reporter

With Thanksgiving, Christmas and finals fast approaching, Moody Library, also known as “Club Moody,” is due to reach its full capacity of the fall semester in the next couple of weeks.

Even on the weekend students can be found sipping Starbucks and getting a head start on schoolwork before the school week catches up to them.

Dallas senior Amber Corpus was in Moody on Saturday night and said she came to find a quiet space to work.

“I need to type up a paper for ecology that’s due on Monday, and I know that my roommates tend to have a little bit of a party on Saturday nights,” Corpus said.

Looking ahead to Thanksgiving break, Corpus said she is excited to see family she does not see often; however, she will be studying for finals during that time as well.

Corpus gave a couple study tips for those anxiously awaiting finals.

“Forming a study group and trying to synthesize as much information as possible,” Corpus said. “Keep going over information until you can just pull it up on the spot with the snap of a finger.”

When the subject of graduation came up, Corpus said she was relieved.

“I am ready to graduate,” Corpus said.

Oregon freshman Emily Sheeley said she does not study well in her room, so she was finishing a lab report in Moody.

Although this will be her first round of collegiate finals, Sheeley had an idea of what study tips might be helpful.

“I guess just start early and review every day,” Sheeley said.

Sheeley will be spending her Thanksgiving break in Waco and, like Corpus, preparing for finals.

The Woodlands junior Davis Galassini said he had been studying on the weekend because the amount of information for his next test is too much to put off until the week starts. During the week, he said he is busy with other activities.

Galassini said he holds himself to an academic standard that helps keep him on track.

“I like to use the weekend to hold myself accountable to finish something academic whether it’s due or not just to keep a routine of doing something school-related every day,” Galassini said.

Galassini studies in Moody to meet up with people in his classes and form study groups.

For Galassini, an early start to studying is necessary for proper finals preparation. Galassini said students should start studying as early as possible and get a lot of sleep. His advice was to not start studying at 9 p.m. and go to 4 a.m., as college students are known to do.

Galassini added that he is really happy for the upcoming breaks, but before he gets there he plans to get all of his work done.

“I like to really push myself for finals until I have nothing left and then when we get to the break it’s just total relaxation instead of wishing I would have studied earlier,” Galassini said.

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