Don’t knock Hecho En Waco until you try it for yourself

Photo credit: Rewon Shimray

This was written in response to, “Hecho En Waco needs to spice it up,” published Sept. 11.

I read Ms. Valdez’s review of Waco’s newest restaurant, Hecho En Waco, and found myself disagreeing with the overall regard. Recently, a friend and I darkened the door of the new establishment and found the experience to be far more delightful than Ms. Valdez’s take. Granted, we visited at dinner, a more representative time slot for their offerings, and both the service and the quality of our meals were more than acceptable for both the price and the Waco market the new restaurant has entered. While some elements were merely acceptable-basic Tex-Mex was, as is to be expected, basic-beans and crispy tacos do not leave much room for creativity. Meanwhile, the prime offerings, such as the Queso Flameado and the Carne Asada, were far superior to competitors in the Central Texas area. The grilled nopales, in particular, were an inspiration under the skirt steak, and one not readily available in fine dining Tex-Mex restaurants. And, although it is of little value to any audience who hasn’t sat at my father’s dinner table, the Carne Asada elicited a “Ratatouille” response from me, as their take on the dish best resembled my father’s own recipe.

I hope that Ms. Valdez makes good on her word and revisits Hecho En Waco for lunch or dinner and takes friends next time or orders more dishes than a hurried morning allows. I hope she hasn’t written them off completely, so she can someday sample more than one dish, thereby gaining a more comprehensive picture of the restaurant’s offerings and giving her audience a more complete review.

– Daniel Ramirez, a Houston Baylor alum of the class of 1997