Baylor lawsuits serve as conversation starter

Photo credit: Rewon Shimray

Oftentimes, sexual assault victims receive a message that they should be ashamed of what happened to them. They are discouraged in reporting the issue to the police and are not given a response or resources with enough support or information about their rights to combat this problem.

Baylor used to be an example of undermining the severity of sexual assault. But now, the university acts as an example of how to fix this.

In the lawsuits against the university, not only did Baylor honestly accept responsibility for their mistakes, but they also gave this grave matter the priority and attention that it warrants. The first step to solving any problem is acknowledging it.

As Baylor promotes programs like Title IX, the university is acting as a lightning rod for the whole nation, shedding light on a subject too often overlooked by exemplifying how to make impactful change.

The scandal of the litigation with Baylor has turned into an opportunity for conversation. With that, this matter is being taken more seriously and people are becoming educated on how to prevent and handle sexual assault.

– Emma Whitt, Clovis, Calif., freshman