Give Collins the upgrade it deserves

Photo credit: Rewon Shimray

Just about every student on campus scowls in disgust when they meet someone who lives in “Crusty” Collins. They begrudgingly ask about how living there is, already knowing what the answer will be; “The community is great, but it sure is old and gross.”

The outdated utilities are only one aspect of what makes this dorm “crusty.” While the girls who reside there are typically very forthcoming people, no one can deny the question as to whether the residence hall would truly pass an inspection. Within the first weeks of being there, the elevator broke down twice, a shower head fell on a girl while she was showering and there was an ant problem on the sixth floor.

Collins should have received a renovation over Martin Residence Hall, especially since the girls living there the previous year were told they could do whatever they please since it would be almost completely redone. There have not been any horror stories or nicknames about Martin, so why did the 250 freshman boys receive a remodel over 600 freshman girls?

For the sake of the safety and experience of future Baylor students, Collins must be refurbished immediately.

– Grace Scott, a Midlothian freshman