Join the Open Table Coalition

While studying abroad in Europe for the past few months, I feared wearing my kippah (a traditional head covering worn by Jewish men) because of the prevalence of Neo-Nazi terror in recent years. Fascist parties have gained some power throughout the continent, and violence has been known to erupt against the targets of their hatred. I thought I would be safe when I came back home.

Then, the week after I returned, Neo-Nazis marched in Charlottesville and murdered at least one innocent woman, while injuring dozens more.

Baylor University is a Baptist institution, which means that we have an obligation to accept and love whomever attends this University. More than that, we call ourselves the “Baylor Family.” We don’t just call those in the majority a part of that family. All of us belong. Now more than ever, we need to make sure that everyone who attends our school feels like they are safe and valued in our community. But for too long, there has not been a spot at the table for minority voices. The Open Table Coalition wants to change that.

The OTC is a group of on-campus organizations seeking out minority students who are interested in serving their community, particularly in student government. If your organization is interested in participating in our efforts or you are a freshman interested in running with OTC, please send an email to

Baylor is a place for all. We need to have an open table.

– Micah Furlong, a Medford, Ore. senior