Tips on how to keep off the freshman fifteen

By Christina Soto | Broadcast Reporter

Most freshmen are beyond nervous to gain the infamous “freshman fifteen.” Unlimited meal plans, Dr. Pepper Floats, late night at Penland and Ms. Mei’s cookies all add up. Here are a few tips to keep you from gaining those dreadful fifteen pounds.

The best way to keep off those pounds is to stay active and make healthy choices in the dining hall. Although the unlimited amount of pizza and hamburgers seems very appetizing, make sure to include greens in your diet. Eating a balanced and nutritious diet will keep you full for longer, leaving less room for the unhealthy options at the dining hall.

Remember portion control is important and eat everything in moderation. When indulging in Ms. Mei’s chocolate chip cookies, limit yourself to only a couple instead of 10.

Try not to eat so late at night. You’ll pull all-nighters in college and you’ll want to eat a whole pizza at 3 a.m. Instead, bring healthy snacks to the library to avoid temptations.

Learning to say “no” to free food will also help keep the weight off. Baylor always has free food, so one of the hardest things to do is to say “no” to the endless opportunities. Every Friday before a football game there is free pizza in the Bill Daniel Student Center for “Chalk Talk,” every Tuesday from 3 to 4 p.m. there are Dr Pepper floats in the sub for Dr Pepper Hour and at football games, you may even get a free Papa John’s Pizza. Even though we may all be broke, college students have to learn to say “no.” You do not need to go to every event that has free food.

Having a balanced and nutritious diet is the best way to keep pounds off. However, we all are going to splurge eventually and that’s why staying active is also important. Walk to class every day, even if you live in Arbors Apartments and have to walk to Tidwell Bible Building for your class. Take the stairs instead of the elevator, even if your lab is on the fourth floor of the Baylor Sciences Building. But most importantly, include a visit to the Student Life Center in your weekly routine.

There are endless of opportunities to stay active around campus. If you like to work out, the Student Life Center offers a variety of fitness classes from F45 to spinning. If you’re someone who enjoys exercising outside, you can run the Bear Trail or take a hike in Cameron Park.

The freshman fifteen is not something to fear, just be sure to maintain a healthy lifestyle and the pounds won’t creep up.