Baylor professor, student reflect on studying abroad

Rylee Seavers | Broadcast Reporter

Baylor bears flung their green and gold afar during summer 2017 by studying abroad in countries all over the world.

According to the Center for Global Engagement, 572 Baylor Students participated in study abroad programs this summer.

Dr. Charles Weaver has been director of the Baylor in Great Britain for about 10 years and first went on the trip with his wife in 1984. He lead about 80 students on the second summer 2017 session of Baylor in Great Britain along with eight other faculty members.

“The world is just an increasingly global place,” Weaver said. “It’s a chance for students to experience a culture they’re unfamiliar with, to meet people they’re unfamiliar with. In London, for example, if you get on a bus there are probably ten different languages being spoken.”

Houston junior Andi Perkins participated in the Maastricht program during the first summer 2017 session. She had previously studied abroad in Oxford, England.

“I would absolutely say [the program] was beneficial, academically. Particularly this study abroad because one of the classes that was offered was travel writing,” Perkins said.

Multiple terrorist attacks occurred in Europe during this summer, but Weaver said if a person weren’t aware of the attacks that had happened in London, they would not have noticed anything out of the ordinary.

“There were some very subtle changes in London: barricades on bridges that didn’t used to be there, the police presence really was no greater. The bigger concern was a little heightened anxiety before we left,” Weaver said

Perkins was studying in Maastricht when one of the attacks occurred in London, but said she does not want to live in fear and thinks it should not stop people from traveling and experiencing the world.