Deja Brew! Change up your daily grind

A freshly pulled shot of Pinewood Coffee Bar espresso is poured into a mug of piping hot water, making a classic Americano. Pinewood’s menu is simple yet satisfying, offering espresso-based classics, plus a few specialty drinks of their own. Mike Chuang | Contributor

Kaitlyn Dehaven | Design Editor

Common Grounds is Waco’s coffee shop staple, attracting college students and tourists alike to their morning and late-night study session brews. Although Common Grounds serves some of the more popular caffeinated concoctions in the city, there are a variety of other locations where consumers can get their daily cup of joe.

Dichotomy | 508 Austin Ave.

Baylor students should definitely check out this hip coffee shop next time they are looking for a place to study. Both a coffee and spirits bar, Dichotomy offers an environment that is warm and inviting. The atmosphere can help you home in on your studies while remaining calm and relaxed. Much of Dichotomy’s décor celebrates their hometown pride, with historic pieces of art from Waco’s past, including outdoor tabletops from the downtown library and artwork by local artists and artisans. In addition, Dichotomy has a balcony where students can look out over Waco as they sip coffee out of a mason jar and study for upcoming tests.

Pinewood Roasters | 2223 Austin Ave.

Something new is brewing at Pinewood Roasters, Waco’s newest addition to the caffeine scene. Baylor graduates Dylan Washington and JD Beard created specialty drinks with distinct and authentic tastes that you won’t find at your local Starbucks. Since Pinewood’s shop is new, it may be a quieter place to study than Common Grounds or Dichotomy, which is perfect for focusing without distractions.

Brú Artisan Coffee | 601 Franklin Ave.

If you’re particular about your coffee and like to taste the rich flavor of your drink, then Brú is the place for you. This shop’s drip coffee is extremely smooth and great for coffee lovers. The register is right in front of an old-fashioned elevator shaft, bringing a unique element to the atmosphere that will take you back in time. The coffee shop is connected to an interior décor store, so take a minute and look through the array of paintings, carpets, decorative pillows and table toppers while you’re stopping for your morning pick-me-up.

Café Cappuccino | 100 N. 6th St.

Even though this café is only open in the mornings and early afternoons, the coffee and food are worth leaving the comfort of your bed. This restaurant is not only a good place to get your coffee fix, offering a variety of lattes and specialty drinks, but it is also a great place to get your morning meal. They offer an array of pancakes, omelets, waffles and even lunch foods for the late risers. Although this café might not be the best for studying, it’s a great place to catch up with friends or for a bite to eat.