How to beat the dreaded allergy season

Daylight saving time, beautiful weather and an unbearable amount of pollen mark the coming of spring. The season entices sunbathers and then forces them to hurry inside as quickly as possible to avoid a sneezing fit.

While spring symbolizes the renewal of natural life, it also represents the dreaded allergy season. For many people, it is hard to enjoy the cloudless sunshine and tank-tops weather through watery eyes and a stuffy nose. Although I can’t relate with those who experience allergies because of the abundance of pollen, I do have my frustrations with spring.

I am having to wash my car more often because of the amount of pollen. Also, spring means that time also springs forward, which means one less hour to sleep, study, do homework and binge on that new series you started.

Despite my own frustrations with spring, I am able console myself with beautiful weather. However, depending on someone’s medical condition, they may not be able to take refuge in the outdoors. Sneezing, coughing and watery eyes do not seem worth the risk of enjoying the outdoors. But there are ways to help curve allergies to enjoy springtime weather.

First, there is spring cleaning. While some people use this term to refer to cleaning their closets, I mean the term in the context of cleaning your apartment. Not only does a thorough cleaning decrease the amount of dust in your living area, but it also cleans out the pollen that has entered your apartment. Even if you haven’t opened the window to let that cool breeze in, pollen can still come in with your shoes, clothes and hair.

Another method to combat allergies is taking the proper allergy medication. Try having a consistent schedule of taking your medication in order to be able to stay outside or go through your day without being bothered by your allergies.

In addition, you can try staying inside as much as possible, especially when it is windy. However, as college students, it is difficult to avoid being outside because of class schedules. Therefore, if your medication isn’t helping, you can try wearing a surgical mask to keep from inhaling pollen.

There are many other remedies to help subdue allergies, and it is important to find one that works for you. While not everyone experiences allergies, we should all be able to experience and enjoy the beautiful weather and the beautiful environment around us. So pack your tanning lotion and your allergy medication and delight in the amazing weather. Knowing Texas, it won’t last.