S3 helps students receive internships

By Meredith Aldis | LTVN Intern

The sports, sponsorship and sales club and major helps students receive internships with different sports teams around the United States.

S3, which is part of the Baylor Business School, has board meetings where they hear from professionals in the sports industry and get tips on how to become successful in the field. Through various networking opportunities and interviews, students get internships with people from the board meetings.

Among those who have received internships through the program are Austin Bertrand, Leah Thomas and Madison Aldis, who all got internships with Miami Heat, Ali Harman with Portland Trail Blazers and Marcus Franklin with the Houston Dynamo.

Dr. Darryl Lehnus, the director of S3, said he made the curriculum based off of what the market wanted from students going into the field.

“They said that they needed people in the sales field, so they helped us prepare the major with curriculum and are still ready to hire because we prepared what the market place wanted,” said Lehnus.

Jonah Erbe, an S3 student, didn’t start off as an S3 major at Baylor, but quickly changed his major to S3 after he found a passion for sports.

“I believe in sports. It brings people together and I want to sell those experiences to people,” Erbe said.

Will Boren, an S3 student, said he likes the major because of all of the opportunities it provides to students.

“There is so much opportunity to get out there and network with lots of professionals in the industry,” Boren said.

The S3 major selects up to 24 business school applicants to the program in the spring of a person’s sophomore year.

The next S3 meeting is at 6:30pm on March 28 in the Paul L. Foster Campus for Business and Innovation.