Baylor’s quidditch team prepares for regionals

By Elisabeth Tharp | Broadcast Reporter

The game of quidditch was started in 2005 at Middlebury College in Vermont. It was made to mimic what you would see in the Harry Potter movies but without the flying and real equipment.

Baylor’s quidditch team is preparing for regionals this week to qualify for the World Cup in Florida on April 8th.

LTVN got to attend one of their practices to see what “muggle” quidditch is all about.

Instead of real “quaffles”, the chasers pass volleyballs to each other and instead of real “bludgers”, beaters throw dodgeballs to temporarily knock the opposing teams’ members out of play.

“Quidditch is the sport from the Harry Potter books but it’s been adapted so that, we who can’t actually fly, can play it,” said grad student Mark Williard.

Williard describes quidditch as “rugby with a stick between your legs.” He also said it is physical sport because there is tackling and members of both genders on the team.

Senior Connie Tran said she joined the quidditch team because she is a “huge Harry Potter fan” and loves being on a team with a lot of people.

Tran also said she “loves the community aspect.”

If you want to see a game of college quidditch yourself, then come out and support the Baylor Bears quidditch team as they go head-to-head against Texas State, TAMU and more this weekend in College Station.