Letter from the editor: Setting our risk horizon

Dear readers,

First, thank you for reading the Lariat. There is a group of 40 individuals who work into the early hours of the morning to tell good stories – to tell your stories – and we greatly appreciate you taking the time to read them.

Last semester made me quite aware of the stresses students face daily. We develop tendencies to allow our perfectionism for school work to take precedence over what we are passionate about. Our relationships become strained – be it due to school work, or maybe fallout from political disagreements. It becomes easy to disconnect from everyone else by plugging into our phones.

I get it — I’m in the middle of searching for a job after I graduate in just a few months, and I’m still wondering if my love for dogs, motorcycles and taking things apart will ever become a real profession. I’d rather block everyone out and focus on myself than take risks.

But then I’m reminded of what the New York Times columnist David Brooks said in a Baylor visit last spring.

He told the crowd that these formative years of college will define those to come. That now is the time we set our own “risk horizon,” or how far we are willing to work for what brings us joy. Maybe that means taking that lower-paying job in a more exciting field or planning that trip you’ve been meaning to take.

You see, in the tumult of that semester stress we are all too familiar with, it’s not time to call it quits. These are the days where we can set our risk horizons. And better yet, we can do it with real people and quality relationships, because it’s in relationships where we find the meat of life. Where we experience that joy that shakes you to your core.

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Best wishes,

Gavin Pugh