Merry Christmas to all

December is finally here, and with it comes the whirlwind of the Christmas countdown, the drop in temperatures and the final stretch before the end of semester. It is sometimes easy to get wrapped up in the stress of finals and gift-getting during the season, but it is important to keep in mind those who are near and dear.

Following a long semester of independence and exemplifying the college lifestyle, going back to your family’s house can feel a bit constraining. Being back in close quarters with possibly different schedules and expectations from family members can cause resentment. However, spending your limited time at home with a negative attitude will do little to add to your holiday season. Remember, finding joy in the closeness of family is an important part of embracing the spirit of the season and will also relieve extra stress, allowing you to be able to truly relax during your time at home.

Financial stress and time constraints of holiday gifting can be another stressor. As college students, we sit at various levels of employment and debt. Gifts can be held to an unofficial standard that is unnecessary for people to uphold. Presents that are economically savvy are often more heartfelt, such as a clay mug made in your pottery class this semester or a photo collage of your favorite memories with your friends. Also, gifts that are homemade have a personal touch and are easier for people to hold onto for long amounts of time. If searching through Pinterest isn’t quite your style, try baked goods or a heartfelt letter.

Holiday spirit is different for everyone. Whether it be focusing on taking part in your religious traditions, being close with family, being overexcited about the Christmas countdown or a healthy mixture of all three, it is a time to be cherished and enjoyed. We have worked hard this semester, and it is now time to relax and enjoy our time off.

Although the Lariat has reached its final edition for the semester, we would like to thank you all for taking the time to read, glance or pick up the paper purely with the intent to work on crossword puzzles. These actions serve as a recognition of the work that we put into the paper every night and is greatly appreciated by all of us on staff. We bid you farewell until next semester, and we wish you all a safe and happy winter break.