“Picking” a guitar can be hard, go Gibson

Without going into every spec and detail of guitars, I want to explain why Gibson is the best guitar out there. I can vouch for both acoustic and electric guitars because I have played my fair share of them throughout my 22 years.

First, let’s talk acoustic. The Workhorse is its nickname. When you see a Gibson J-45, after you get over the beauty, perfection and precision of the craft, you know that that guitar is the top of the line. Any country concert you go to, all the big names play a Gibson. Anybody who is anybody owns a J-45. I own a Gibson Hummingbird Pro which is almost the same, but it has a different size and playability and slightly different tone. While the J-45 looks extremely simple, the sound is extravagant and wonderful and really big for its size. It is the perfect acoustic guitar for anything you want to play.

Compared to its competitors, the J-45 is more expensive, but you definitely pay for what you get. Martin’s D-28 doesn’t have the same feel or sound. Taylor’s 310 feels nice but just doesn’t have the classic Gibson sound that has been around since Hank Williams. I don’t own a Martin, but I do own a Taylor, and my go-to guitar is always my Gibson.

Gibson is also seen by the general public as a prestigious company. You always know that when you purchase any kind of Gibson instrument, you are getting the best quality. What I love the most about my Gibson is the beauty of it. It is simply gorgeous. Not even to mention Gibson’s J-200, which is a whole different animal. The detail is by far the best in the acoustic game. Gibsons are just on top of the game.

When you go into the electric guitar world, the Gibson Les Paul is a monster of a guitar. Countless legends have played all different models of the Les Paul, and it is definitely one of the most respected instruments in the music world. Now, I will say I prefer an American-made Fender Telecaster over a Les Paul just because a Telecaster has more of a country sound and that is my go-to genre to play. Having said that, the quality of the Les Paul is still unmatched. The playability can’t be touched.

Martin was established in 1833, and the company set the standard for acoustic guitars. Every acoustic guitar made is modeled somewhat after the original Martin. But Gibson came along in 1902 and changed the game. If you have ever played a Martin and a Gibson side by side, I would be very surprised if you say you prefer the feel and sound of a Martin over a Gibson.

Because of the unmatched quality of a Gibson guitar, if taken care of, Gibsons will always hold their value. If anything, if treated right, Gibsons will appreciate in value. Especially if they are kept for decades.

When I am in class or at work, all I can think about is my Gibson acoustic just sitting at home by itself. The first thing I do when I get home every day is grab my guitar, and if I don’t watch myself, I can lose hours of the day playing that thing.

If you are in the market for a new guitar, especially an acoustic, I would strongly advise biting the bullet of the expense and investing in a Gibson guitar. Whatever model, I can guarantee 100 percent that you will be very pleased with your purchase. Everybody who sees your guitar will be very impressed as well.