The best professor I ever had

Being the sentimental senior that I am, this fall I’ve had some time to look back on my past four years at Baylor. More specifically, I looked back at all the glorious hours spent in the one-of-a-kind Castellaw Communications Center.

Switching majors from business to journalism halfway through college seemed a little daunting. I was coming into journalism classes significantly behind the other juniors that were my age. I felt overwhelmed, like I could never catch up or be the same caliber as them.

However, this daunting feeling didn’t last long. I was lucky enough to have one of the best teachers at Baylor during my first semester transition into the journalism school. This teacher encouraged me and challenged me more than any other teacher had in my life.

It was my first journalism class, Beginning Reporting and Writing. I remember being extremely nervous and not very confident in my writing abilities. I spent hours outside of class trying to write and edit my papers and constantly went into my professor’s office and learned from my previous mistakes to improve.

Throughout the semester I was able to see a dramatic difference in not only my writing ability, but also my confidence. I know I have my professor and his patience and desire to see me succeed to thank for that.

I remember asking endless questions and going to his office after every single paper we turned in. He would sit with me and go through each one and show me what I could work on.

As I gained confidence in that one class, I started to feel like I could excel in my new journalism track. I felt that I had a voice to be heard and a story worth sharing.

This is a feeling that I believe every single student should have. My hope is that, during your time at Baylor, you get to experience one, if not multiple, teachers who inspire, push and help you grow into the young professionals you are destined to be.

College can be so frustrating at times, no matter what your major is. It’s amazing to see the difference that just one teacher can make in a student’s confidence and overall success in a class.

If it weren’t for my professor that semester, I don’t know if I would have made it to where I am today.

One of the most important things this professor taught me is to find good mentors and keep a good relationship with them. These mentors are the people who believe in you and take the time to push you and help to refine your art.

I was pushed beyond what I thought was possible. I grew so much in that one semester and I will be forever thankful for that.

I can promise you that you will find some of the most caring and understanding teachers at Baylor, professors that truly want to see you succeed. So enjoy your time here, take advantage of every minute of it and enjoy the people who spend their lives pouring into your education.

*Thank you, Professor Robert Darden, for believing in me and truly being the best professor I have ever had.