The real danger on campus: Bicylists

While biking to class might be a faster option for off-campus students, it certainly is not the safest. For students who walk and drive to class, bicyclists pose a certain danger.

It is time for bicyclists to understand that they are subjected to the rules of the road. This includes maintaining a safe speed, yielding to pedestrians and stopping at stop signs. Far too often, I see bicyclists who ignore these rules and almost collide with other students who are walking or driving.

According to the Texas Department of Transportation, “bikes are entitled to all rights and obligated to all duties of the road that apply to a motor vehicle.” This includes stopping at stop signs, signaling turns, and attached lights for riding at night. It is imperative that bicyclists understand these rules and apply them when biking around campus.

To the bicyclists of Baylor: please use caution when operating your bike, and keep the safety of your fellow students in mind. Just as motor vehicles must obey the traffic laws, you should too. Make Baylor a safe campus for drivers, pedestrians and bicyclists..

Allison Steele, Longview junior