Student’s don’t pay attention

Since classes started this semester, I have nearly been run over by a bicyclist or run into by a pedestrian, nose-deep in their phone almost daily. If you ride a bike, and notice there is a large group of people passing, either wait or walk your bike through at an appropriate time.

When walking full speed along with a crowd of people, we shouldn’t have to all immediately just part the seas because you’re on a mission, and if you’re texting and walking across campus, please step aside to use your phone. It’s frustrating hiking across campus between classes and struggling to be on time when you’re stuck behind someone on their phone leisurely making their way to their destination.

During one of the first few Chapels this semester, we were encouraged to step out of our comfort zones and meet new people. Unfortunately, most of my fellow students didn’t look up from their phones, and I think eventually they’ll be run over by life when they realize they’ve embraced a digital relationship instead of an interpersonal one. We must make an effort to maintain consciousness outside of technology so that we can fully embrace personal and professional development.

Katie Stewart, Rockwall junior