The choice is ours

As summer comes to an end, the heat fades away; unless it’s an election year. And 2016 is no exception. The issues are blazing hot as Iran and North Korea arm themselves with nuclear power, China becomes a stronghold in the Pacific and many believe the U.S. military is weaker than it has ever been. Every fall, the leaves begin to change colors, and every four years as the leaves change their color, so does the future of the American people.

The title of the 45th President of the United States is up for grabs as the polls are nearly tied, and yet the decisions of the next President will impact the future of America for the next 40 years with the appointment of one and perhaps two Supreme Court judges.

Furthermore, the 2016 election holds two interesting distinctions: for the first time in American history, there is a female nominee. And secondly, Trump — with his shoot from the hip remarks — and Clinton — with a myriad of corruption investigations — are reported to be the least likable candidates in U.S. history.

The candidates stand on opposite sides on almost all issues. Clinton stands for open borders and sanctuary cities while Trump’s platform is for immigration reform and securing borders. Trump stands for leadership from a position of strength while Hillary believes in taking a more diplomatic approach in foreign affairs. Despite their differences, the candidates agree on one issue: defeating ISIS. How they plan to achieve this, however, is radically different. Clinton says we will defeat ISIS without boots on the ground, and Trump, while not revealing his plan and giving the enemy an edge, assures that nothing is off the table.

Two very different candidates with opposing values standing firm on polar opposite platforms — that is the choice voters will be facing on Nov. 8. Some voters are so disgusted that they have voiced they will not be voting in this election. As Americans, that is their choice. We have a very tough decision to make come Nov. 8, as the future of our nation depends on the outcome of this election.

We know what Clinton can do; after all, she has been at it for over 30 years, and with Trump, we have yet to see what he can accomplish. Polls show that although there are staunch supporters on both sides of the political arena, there is a large constituency whose vote will not be in support of a candidate but rather a vote against the other. The reality is that our country is in serious trouble. Never has an election been more important than now. This election will decide the direction our country will take for decades to come as new members of the Supreme Court take their seats. As responsible citizens, we must do our part and elect officials who will support our Constitution.

The question we face on Nov. 8 is paramount yet simple: who will make America great again? The choice is ours.