The Bundle

The Bundle Staff 2015-2016. The Bundle Magazine is an online multimedia student publication that features editorial pieces, poems and artistic submissions. Photo Credit: Courtesy of The Bundle Staff

By Kelsea Willenbrock | Reporter

College students have the power to make a difference on campus in their own way. A group of Baylor students created an online magazine where they can write in the style they most enjoy and connect on a personal level with their peers.

The Bundle Magazine is an online multimedia student publication that features editorial pieces, poems and artistic submissions. A group of students created the magazine last fall with the assistance of several professors in the journalism department.

The creators saw a need for a publication that contained less objective writing and gave students a place to display their creativity. Since The Bundle is an online publication, it is easier for students to use social media along with the magazine to promote stories and to spread the word about what The Bundle is.

“What we hope to create here is a space for people of our generation to interact and share their opinions, knowledge and talent. Our goal is to tap into these various passions and showcase the diversity that makes our generation great,” according to The Bundle website.

Dallas junior Kailey Davis said she finds it encouraging. As a journalism student, Davis appreciates the different styles of writing that The Bundle contains.

“I really like that [The Bundle] meets students where they are at and talks about things relevant to our lives,” Davis said.

The Bundle was created to be a ‘bundle’ of stories for students who are interested in reading something they can relate to on a personal level.

Editor-in-Chief and Lakewood junior Molly Meeker is part of the team increasing the influence The Bundle has on Baylor’s campus.

“We are working on expanding our reach within Baylor, as well as outside of Baylor,” Meeker said. “We hope to increase our presence through our social media platforms and increase the amount of videos and photography content within our magazine.”

Students interested in submitting content to The Bundle can do so through the link on their webpage. Editors review the submissions and respond to the students who send them in. The Bundle is not just for journalism students anyone can contribute.

The Bundle looks to celebrate the diversity that the student body offers and reflect it in their content, their website said.

“Everyone has a unique voice, perspective and life experience,” Meeker said. “In a world where differences are tearing people apart, The Bundle celebrates these differences while finding beauty in remembering we are all humans with voices that matter.”