In the chaos of November, God is in control

By Nathan Keil | Sports Writer

Election season can be a trying time, especially when you are unsure who to vote for. Just like you, I am searching for answers; I am no political savant or foreign relations expert. However, I am a follower of Christ and so I would like to share with you what I believe about following Him going into election season.

I believe we are supremely and wonderfully made by a God who loves us more than we could ever comprehend. We were all given gifts and talents that are unique to us. Although our interests may seem similar to someone else’s, no two people are completely the same. We were created with the gift of free will and the opportunity to choose what we individually feel is best. Even though we will not always agree with our friends, our family, or our country when it comes to values, viewpoints, or candidates, God gave us this gift of choice and so we ought to exercise that ability this November.

I believe that we should not let our differences at the poll be the catalyst for division within the body of Christ. There is enough hurt, pain, and destruction in the world that we should not add any more to it. Let us continue to trust in the promise of a life made possible through the sacrifice of Jesus on the cross. Let us continue to serve the world, regardless of political party preference or religious affiliation and allow us to continue to be the Church, living in fellowship and praying together, much like the early church in Acts chapter 2.

There is no outcome in November that will surprise God. There is no upset that could catch God off guard. This world is not our own; we did not create it. This is God’s masterpiece and I believe that regardless of who is elected as the 45th President of the United States, God is ultimately in control. Knowing that and trusting in it, I can rest easier. I pray that you can as well. But if you do not, that’s okay. As I said before, God has blessed us with the ability to choose and we ought to respect each other and our own right do to so.