Students’ move-in process aided by “Move2BU” program

By Christina Soto | Broadcast Reporter

The 38-year-long tradition of Welcome Week begins with Move-In Day, where Baylor students and faculty move in the incoming freshman class. Rain or shine, these Baylor bears are committed to lending a helping hand to ease the transition.

“I was just blown away my freshman year how everyone was so helpful and, like, excited to move people in … so I wanted to be a part of that,” Austin junior Zachary Tibari said.

Weeks of preparation go into making Welcome Week and the move in process successful. In order to make the students feel at home when they arrive the resident hall community leaders decorate the halls and their residents’ door.

“This move in process has been crazy. It has been a really long week but it is, like, super rewarding now that everyone is moved in,” Colorado sophomore Allie Morosini, a community leader said.

For some parents, this is not their first move into the Baylor dormitories. There are many families made up of several Baylor generations. Keller freshman Megan Hannas will be a second generation Baylor bear. Her mother, Suzy Hannas, graduated Baylor in 1989 where she met her husband Scott Hannas, a 1988 graduate.

“I come from a huge Baylor family. Both my parents went there so I have always loved it,” Megan Hannas said.

Megan moved into the second floor of Collins — just a couple rooms down the hall from where her mother lived in 1985.

“I lived on the second floor, it hasn’t changed a whole bunch … I’m excited she is living here too,” Suzy Hannas said.

Baylor has been home for many generations that have passed through to fling their green and gold afar. For years, Baylor bears have continued the Welcome Week traditions by giving back to others and creating a home away from home.