Sports take: What Jim Grobe’s first year will look like at Baylor University

New Baylor head football coach Jim Grobe has some big shoes to fill, taking over the football program after Art Briles. Here he is awnsering questions at a press conference last friday. Photo Credit Liesje Powers Lariat Photographer

By Jordan Smith, Lariat sports writer

There’s a new man in charge of Baylor University football, and his name is Jim Grobe. He was brought in as the new head football coach for Baylor University on June 3, 2016. This came after longtime head coach Art Briles was fired amid the sexual assault scandals that were brought to light earlier this summer.

Grobe had a record of 77-82 while he served as head coach at Wake Forest from 2001 to 2013, at which time he resigned from his position there and hasn’t coached since. Overall, his coaching record according to is at 110-115-1 since starting in 1995 at Ohio State University.

With the roster he has before him for this incoming season, he should have a good year at Baylor before he is replaced next season. Of course, there is always the possibility that he does well enough to stay on staff after this season. For that to happen, most likely Baylor will need to reach and win a bowl game this season.

If his season is anything like Baylor’s history with first-year coaches, he will struggle to succeed during his first year. In Baylor’s long history of college football, first-year coaches had an overall record of 94-121 between 25 coaches that Baylor has seen in its lifetime according to stats at and the ESPN College Football Encyclopedia: The Complete History of the game Book.

It will take some time for the players to adjust to the new system Grobe brings to this campus. For the first half of the season, look to see a ton of ups and downs from this team. However, once the second half of the season rolls around, the Bears will definitely pick it up and will realize what needs to be done to win under his system.

Jim Grobe should win at least eight games this season and will lead the green and gold into another bowl game once again this season.

The Bears kick off action at 6:30 p.m. Friday, Sept. 2, at McLane Stadium against Northwestern State.