Hey Sugar Candy Store to open location in downtown Waco

Hey Sugar Candy Store, a new candy shop, will soon bring its treats to Eighth Street and Austin Avenue downtown. The grand opening of the new store is scheduled for May 15.

The store is owned and managed by Kristin Brittan and Ashley Majors, who started the candy store in their hometown of Roanoke. The business originated with Brittan’s 10-year-old son, who wanted some way to keep busy at his siblings’ horse shows. He began to sell candy from a trailer at the events, coining the candy stand “Hey Sugar” with some help from his mom.

The candy stand was so successful, Brittan and Majors opened a storefront that sold retro sodas, candies and chocolate. The bright, colorful candy shop features hundreds of varieties purchased from suppliers, but the shop’s chocolates are primarily made in-house.

“It was really successful out of the little trailer, and I told him he could keep all of the money he was making, which was about $1,000 a day,” Brittan said. “Fast forward a few years, we decided to open an actual storefront. That’s how it all began, with a kid in a trailer.”

They are bringing the company to the Waco area next, having seen a gap in the sweets industry here. When it opens, Hey Sugar will be the only candy store downtown. In addition to the untapped candy market, the pair was also attracted to the booming growth Waco is experiencing.

“The growth of Waco is unbelievable,” said Majors, who will serve as the general manager for both locations. “We’ve seen what’s going on in the downtown area, and we want to be a part of it and to grow with Waco.”

Their Waco location will offer the same fare as their original shop, along with a private party room for children, a full ice cream counter, television screens and candy-lined walls. The duo also offers care packages and candy baskets ranging from a four-pack of soda to a full-sized vintage Dr Pepper crate of goodies.

Waco’s newest specialty store fits right into the developing downtown cityscape, ready to serve up sweets to the people of Baylor and Waco.

“Since opening a store in Waco, it’s been open arms,” Majors said. “Everyone has shown us so much gratitude and accepted us in our new business downtown.”