Chick-fil-A offers clever solution to common phone vs. family battle

Chick-fil-A is testing out a new experience in their restaurants located in Suwanee, Ga. Thanks to the efforts of a Chick-fil-A owner, Brad Williams, who was inspired when he saw a mother avoiding her children at the table because of her cell phone, the chain of restaurants has introduced a tech free meal time.

While Williams is credited with creating what he calls the cell phone coop. The coop is a cardboard container that families can opt to place phones in and keep on the table. Chick-fil-A stands behind this new innovation whole-heartedly. Williams placed one of these coops at every table in his restaurant, for members of each family to use.

With Williams being a father of four and experiencing what technology can do firsthand, he decided to implement this idea in order to help pull present-day technology out of the hands of families who are trying to sit down and have a pleasant meal without anyone Tweeting, Instagraming or Facebooking throughout.

In this day and age, it seems as though we can’t find any escape from technology in the privacy of our homes or even out for a bite to eat. Olive Garden and Chili’s are two places that seem to have an opposite view of this Chick-fil-A method of thinking. Both use an iPad-like system, Ziosk, on each table that is used to purchase food and drink items as well as play mini-games and trivia while waiting on one’s order.

The reason why this is not a good idea is because there is no connection between waiter and client or even between the people present at the same table.

This is ruining the personal investment customers are looking for when going out to eat. When people are trying to get away from these electronics it seems there is nowhere to run anymore. Even at restaurants there is technology sitting on the table for individuals to pay for a meal.

The Georgia Chick-fil-A restaurant has done something right as far as we are concerned. They have looked to build a more sociable family foundation while bringing together a more tech-free eating environment. This allows families to focus on being together without any distractions.

At times, there will be emergencies, which is why this is not a mandatory thing and should not be. This gives groups and families the ability to reward their “good behavior” by allowing each member of the challenge to receive an ice cream cone at the end of the meal.

This instills a more effective way of treating technology. By making this a “challenge” it gives positive reinforcement instead of a negative outlook on technology use.

Not everyone is required to participate, but no one will be turned away from trying to spend some quality family time at Chick-fil-A.

Great job Chick-fil-A. What a great way to bring the family even closer together.