Lariat Letter: Ms. Mei’s baking skills are magical


Need I say more? Have you ever wondered what your grandma puts in those oatmeal raisin cookies that are to die for? What’s the secret recipe? They’re chewy, they literally melt in your mouth and they make you wish you could bring your grandma with you to college. Well no one ever said that was impossible. There is a solution for you.

Here at Baylor University, some of the best cookies are made and waited for in lines by both faculty and students. Chocolate chip, oatmeal raisin and sugar cookies galore. Ms. Mei has this magical talent known as cookie-making. No one actually knows how she does it, what she uses or where she gets her ingredients, but no one thinks twice about grabbing some of her cookies before heading back to class. No one cares how many calories they’re worth or how many they consume; all anyone is worried about is how delicious they are and how many they can grab before the person behind them in line starts to get agitated. These cookies are most definitely the best cookies on Baylor’s campus and possibly the best in the entire city of Waco.

So today we are thankful for Baylor, but, more importantly, we are thankful for Memorial Dining Hall and Ms. Mei and her wonderful cookie-making skills.

Laura Noble

Garland freshman