When adopting puppies, don’t bite off more than you can chew

A few months ago I made one of the most expensive and time-consuming decisions I have ever made, but the costs were worth every penny spent. I adopted a puppy from Waco Humane Society. His name is Murphy Dubya Honeycutt. His middle name is after George W. Bush. He is a Catahoula Leopard Dog and is now seven months old. Through the past few months of parenting my puppy, this is what I have learned.

The first thing that I learned came with having a puppy is that is an instant conversation starter for people. When I am taking him on his daily walks, it is always to fun see people and watch how Murphy attracts them and causes them to smile. The concept of puppy therapy is a real thing. And the best part of when you own the puppy is that you get that every day. No matter of how crummy your day might have been, whenever you walk in the door, your puppy is going to be there waiting for you with a smile.

Having a fuzzy, four-legged friend such as dog teaches you reasonability. I would compare getting a puppy as to having a baby in the house. The reason being is they require a lot of attention if they do not have your attention they will get in it something. Also, until you can potty train them which can take a few weeks to months, depending on the bread, you will have to take them outside to use the restroom at least once an hour. And if you forget to take them out or tell them they can wait two more minutes you find yourself cleaning up a mess on the carpet. Another major thing that it will teach you is that you will have to manage your time and plan your schedule around your puppy. His needs are now yours such as when he needs to eat, go outside, and when he wants to play. There is no such thing as rolling out of bed ten minutes before class anymore.

I would give this caution to people that while having dog has been great, and I would not trade him for anything, it is hard work. It is not for everyone. Make sure that you always consult your roommates because they are your biggest assists when it comes to help you out with taking care your puppy.