When discussion fails, we pray

Over this semester, as an editorial board we’ve struggled with debating issues both inside and outside of our nation. We’ve listed them on a whiteboard week after week and weighed the multicultural opinions of several different perspectives in the room. We’ve made educated arguments with the intention of displaying both sides of every issue that comes into debate. And while we write editorials with the hopes of creating conversation outside the confines of the boardroom, we’re sometimes left in silence when something beyond what we can fathom comes into this world.

In light of events throughout the semester far too weighty, heartbreaking or controversial to come to a conclusion about, we wanted to be transparent in how completely inadequate we are to create formative conversation about topics such as the Syrian refugee crisis, the Paris attacks, the continuing Planned Parenthood controversy and Wednesday’s San Bernardino shooting. While each of us has an opinion on these matters, we would like to take this editorial space to offer these events up to the Lord, who has control and sovereignty over them all. We understand His power is limitless and trust in his ability to provide comfort and administer justice.


Thank you for loving your people. Thank you for extending grace to us when we deserve it the least. Thank you for the gift you’ve given us in Jesus, to know our worth is found in him and to be saved through the sacrifice he made on the cross.

Father, we ask you to be in the midst of pain and suffering. We ask for you to comfort those in shock, in the trenches of mourning loved ones from several terrorist attacks around the world. We ask for you to bring peace swiftly in the areas broken and destroyed by bombers and militants. For those who are angry, give them peace. For those emotionally stressed, comfort them. For those who are in pain, heal them.

We ask for you to bring refuge to those fleeing their homes in search for safety. Guide their steps and protect their families as they travel. Aid nations in their efforts to take on refugees, that there would be an idea of how to care for the masses in the middle of terrific uncertainty.

We ask you to become a healing hand in the midst of racial, political and social tension. From the protests on college campuses, teach us what it is to love one another and treat people with respect and honor. For the shootings among police and civilians, bring an understanding of the value of life — that no one is created by accident, that not one person is disposable here.

We beg for your guidance to be disseminated among world leaders. Protect them and give them an understanding of what steps they need to take while in power.

We ask all these things knowing you have the ability to create change, much more so than we have. You alone are good, and we lift these requests to you to acknowledge we have no control. We are desperate for you, every day.

In your Son’s holy name,