Hoverboard here to stay: Skateboard replacement better way to get to class

Over the years, students have gotten creative in how they get around campus in the fastest way possible.

I have noticed various trends throughout my last three-and-a-half years at Baylor, including longboards, razor scooters and mopeds.

When I first arrived on campus in the fall of 2012, it seemed that everyone who wasn’t walking or biking, which was the most common ways of getting around, was riding a longboard or skateboard.

These students make their way around campus constantly dodging the walkers, occasionally wiping out when they hit a pothole or nearly colliding with another person. They often show up to class winded because of the energy they exert getting from point A to point B.

I have also noticed a number of people riding around on razor scooters. Just as with the longboards and skateboards, razor scooters require a decent amount of energy to get from one class to the next.

Mopeds have been another popular method of transportation over the past few years because students could pull right up to their classroom building. However, the new moped policies passed this year prevent students from driving on the sidewalks and parking anywhere on campus like they could before.

This has caused some students to rethink transportation and explore other unique options.

The latest trend I’ve seen on campus, which in my opinion is the coolest, most fun and arguably the most efficient is the hoverboard.

At this point, I’m sure you’ve seen students cruising around campus on what looks like a handsfree segway. That’s exactly what it is.

Everyone has a different opinion regarding the hoverboard. Some think they’re the coolest things to ever hit Baylor’s campus, while others think they’re annoying and should be banned on campus.

This toy became popular because of celebrity buy-in. Wiz Khalifa, Justin Bieber, Jimmy Fallon and Kendall Jenner are just a few of the celebrities who started showing them off.

I was first introduced to the hoverboard when my neighbor showed up with one at my front door. I had seen an Instagram video of a celebrity riding one the week before, but I was excited to actually see it in front of me.

It didn’t take long before I was riding it around my house. It requires a lot of balance, but once I got the hang of it and felt more comfortable, I didn’t want to give it back.

Unlike the longboards, scooters and bikes, the hoverboard requires little to no energy. You need to have balance, but as I said, once you get used to it, it’s as if you’re just standing on something that’s moving around.

To be honest, I get a little jealous every time I see someone riding one. I wanted one for myself until I found out how much they cost, and let’s just say it was more than I wanted to spend.

With Christmas just around the corner, I think it’s safe to assume there will be a lot more hoverboards on campus next semester. Be prepared to dodge people making their way to class on these electric, hands free scooters or join the fad and get one for yourself.

Jenn Webster is a senior journalism major from Medina, Minn. She is a reporter for the Lariat.