We will rise up: Baylor football needs our support more than ever

Dear Baylor Nation,

By now, most have heard about Seth Russell’s season-ending neck injury and taking time off the football field to heal and rehabilitate.

We were all deeply saddened to hear about your injury and our prayers go out to you and we hope you know you will be missed greatly throughout the remainder of the season. We are all happy surgery was a success and you are now up and moving. We are all praying for quick healing.

With this catastrophic news about Russell, we can all relate to the fact that our first thoughts might have been of shock. Maybe even fear. Many thought Baylor football might not be able to take on teams like Kansas State in Manhattan, OSU in Stillwater and TCU in Fort Worth. Even if Russell was sitting in the driver seat of the Bears offense these games were supposed to be tough for this first string quarterback.

To put freshman quarterback Jarrett Stidham at the helm and in charge of the wheel, Baylor Nation at first, we seemed unsure. It seemed as if we were doubting Baylor’s recruiting process and Art Briles’ Baylor Football team.

However, Baylor Nation we have faith.

Remember, Stidham, just a couple months ago was in high school. Now, he is the first-string quarterback for the No. 2 team in the country. Stidham is probably feeling a bit like Atlas with the world on his shoulders right now. If he wins, the pressure of continuing a winning season is applied even harder. If he were to lose, there would be sheer disappointment and all hope would be lost for any playoff slot. That is one heavy task at hand.

However, might we remind those who still are in limbo about Baylor’s football season: Art Briles knows what he is doing, and this team is behind Stidham 100 percent. Even his team is looking to help Stidham as a leader by saying, if he will just do his job and what is asked of him, they will pick up the extra weight and help achieve any win.

As Christians and as the Baylor Family, we should welcome Stidham into the position with open arms and kindness.

“Win or lose, we are Baylor. Baylor we are and Baylor we will always be,” – Robert Griffin III

So Baylor Nation, as you should, continue to have faith and be merciful. Our team will go to work on that field tonight against KSU.

Good luck to Stidham and Baylor Football program from Baylor Nation.


The Baylor Lariat