Fall break not a time to complain

In an editorial, “Gimme a break: Fall break not long enough to enjoy” [published Oct. 15] the writer talks about extending Fall Break; students are not getting their fair share of time off. Now being out of the military, I may have a different perspective regarding school.

It is my belief that the purpose of going to college is to get the appropriate education to get a job to earn money to make a living. So under that assumption, students should make a lifestyle transition that will prepare them for the workforce. Coming out of the workforce I can tell you that you will not get days off just because you feel you could use some relaxation. The world does not give you entitlements because you think you deserve them.

Being at Baylor is an honor people should not take lightly. If it wasn’t for my military service, I would not be able to attend Baylor or even have been accepted. I decided early in high school that I was going to join the United States Marine Corps. You could say after that, my motivation for earning high grades diminished.

My high school ranking was more equivalent to a participation trophy than it was an achievement. When I was in the military, I took online classes and because of my service I had little time to dedicate to my studies. My transfer GPA would only have been considered success in a golf game. Yet, despite all this Baylor took a chance and gave me the opportunity to receive a quality education. Now I won’t go into a list of achievements because I am not trying to brag. I will simple say that I am excelling and it is because I cherish my opportunity, not that others don’t.

Treat your education like a job. You go to school every day, and when you are in class, you make every effort to learn. Also, prepare yourself for life after Baylor. Get that work ethic that will make you an indispensable asset.

When you do get time off, don’t complain that you deserve more, but enjoy it. Lastly, cherish the opportunity of being able to attend Baylor University; it is an experience that many men and women do not get.