Brothers in Waco show off work at CTAC

Photo credit: Matt Dotson

By Matt Dotson, Reporter

Several local artists take the opportunity to show off their art work at the Waco Central Texas Artist Collective. Two artists in particular are brothers, Genaro and Daniel Barron.

Genaro, an artist who specializes in comic book-based artwork said his interest in art started when he grew up and that his artistic skill ran in the family.

“We’ve been doing it ever since we were little kids,” Genaro said. “We got our ability from our mother who was a very good artist. Me and my brother have another brother named Frank who is a very good artist too. We’ve been drawing all our lives.”

Photo credit: Matt Dotson

Genaro said being introduced to the CTAC was unexpected and it was not his intention to get involved.

“I got introduced to CTAC basically by accident but to tell you the truth, that’s just about the best thing to ever happen to me,” Genaro said. “Now I am much more enthusiastic and inspired by my art, I’m able to go to shows. I have Comic Con coming up and we have a star wars themed event coming up at the Waco Hippodrome. I have opportunities that presented themselves to me.”

Daniel shared some of his experiences with CTAC and how he first came in contact with the organization.

“Me and my girlfriend found out about CTAC through an art exhibit they had a while back,” Daniel said. “I spoke to Steve and Angie who were members of CTAC, and my brother and I managed to hook up. We met these people and we went to the exhibits. It wasn’t something I really I was sure about, and I wasn’t expecting it to bring us to where we are now.”

Photo credit: Matt Dotson

Genaro said being a successful artist is not an easy thing as it takes a lot of effort.

“The hardest part about being an artist is getting people to recognize you,” Genaro said. “A least 50 percent of an artist’s time has to be set aside for advertising yourself and promoting yourself. Otherwise people will not know about you. You have to get on Facebook and Twitter. You have to use all of the social media, and you have to become your own advertising agency.”

Genaro said despite the hard work, it pays off.

“It’s hard to stand out, but once you get the hang of it and people like your art, people will see your artwork and you will be able to stand out,” Genaro said.

Genaro said it’s his dream to do art full-time. He and his brother are working on achieving that.

“This weekend me and my brother have a display at the Halloween based Fall Festival at the Waco Hippodrome,” Genaro said. “We are lining the wall with Star Wars themed paintings. In March we are setting up to have our own booth at Comic Con. I want to get in the art world and doing what I like to do. I want to take it as far as I can.”

Genaro and Daniel are in the process of building their own website called and invite everyone to come see them at the Fall Festival this weekend and at Comic Con in March.