Not interested? Then don’t give him your digits

Approaching a girl and asking for her number is an activity all men have done at some point in their lives. While some have mastered it and others have struggled, it’s a tough thing to do.

However, one thing that isn’t talked about is the fact that it’s somehow OK for a girl to give a guy her number and then never reply when he texts.

Come on, guys. You know you’ve had this happen before. You’re at a party or in class, and you see a girl you find attractive. Eventually, you build up the courage to talk to her and possibly even get her number. Later on the next day, you decide to text her and set up a date. Then, the worst happens: She doesn’t reply. Or even worse, she replies with short answers. Thinking maybe she’s just busy, you decide to try again another day, but to no avail.

What did you do wrong? In my experience, you did nothing wrong. This is exactly the problem with our society today. Girls are too nice and do not know how to say that they are not interested. Why can’t girls just say no to a guy they clearly have no interest in instead of giving him their number and then not replying to his texts?

I feel like girls have convinced themselves that ignoring a guy is much nicer than just telling the guy they are not interested. They don’t want to hurt the guy’s feelings.

However, from my experience, when a girl does not reply or makes up excuses as to why she never replied, it hurts the guy more. Personally (and I know I speak for the majority of guys, at least) we’d rather a girl just not give us her number than have her ignore us.

Now, this thought process also applies to a guy and a girl who have gone out several times, just by themselves. Usually, if the girl becomes uninterested, she slowly withdraws from interaction via text until eventually he gives up.

She might use an excuse like, “I’ve been really busy.” Girls, we know this is a lie. If a girl takes forever to reply to a guy’s texts, she is just not interested. EVERY girl has her phone at all times nowadays; if they wanted to reply, they would have replied.

I’m initiating the idea that if the girl (for whatever reason) becomes disinterested in the guy, the girl needs to just tell the guy that she is no longer interested. Doesn’t the guy at least deserve that?

So ladies, next time a guy asks for your number, and you don’t want to give it to him, or he’s been talking to you for a while, just straight up tell him you’re not interested. Do not lead him on with facade that would make him think you are actually interested.

He deserves an explanation. Yes, we will be upset at your bluntness at first, but we’d rather this than have you lead us on.

Thomas Mott is a sophomore communications specialist major from Spring Branch. He is the assistant broadcast news producer for the Lariat.