Lariat Letter: ‘Frustration’ story an insult to student body

I am writing today to let you know that I, along with a number of my peers, felt the image of Baylor University was tarnished in an article [run Sept. 15]  entitled “Wacoans Express Frustration Toward Students.” As a university publication written by and for the students, it is hard to believe that such a controversial story would pass through the newsroom without falling into gentler hands.

Given recent events, it does not seem wise to bring a month-old story of grievances to the front fold of The Lariat. In this column, a local resident was quoted saying: “They do not care how trashy what they do is…” before said person went on to insinuate that university students have a disregard for the lives of animals as well as a lack of self-efficacy.

The presence of blanket statements and overwhelming generalizations expressly harmed the reputation of Baylor students in the Waco community. I personally feel offended and outraged that over 15,000 people were falsely accused without the presence of facts. As a professor in the journalism department, Macarena Hernandez has taught students many things, but the most valuable lesson to be learned from her is to never misrepresent the truth — which is what I believe happened on Monday, Sept. 14.

Hannah Bogue, Palm Springs, Calif. sophomore, American Studies major