From Gig ’em to Sic ’em: Compared to Baylor, TAMU needs to catch up

While in high school, I was probably just like any other kid. I was worried about my future and where I would attend college. Being the proud, and sometimes arrogant, person that I am, I wanted to attend a university that people would respect.

If you were to poll all the kids in my high school on which college they would want to attend, Baylor would not have been one of them. The poll would likely place Texas A&M at College Station No. 1. Back when I was in high school, A&M was the place to go. If you were not going to be an Aggie, were you really going to college?

Of course, there I was, the only student at my high school who had chosen Baylor as his future home. Sure, my teachers all told me Baylor was a good choice, but none of my fellow classmates seemed to deem Baylor “cool.”

Keep in mind, this took place even after RGIII won the Heisman Trophy and Baylor began to rise through the ranks of the college football world. Still, it was “Gig ’em” or bust.

All I can say is I wish they could see Baylor now. In the blink of an eye Baylor has become the top school in Texas. Yes, I understand that is a very biased statement coming from a student of Baylor. However, look at what Baylor has done in the past few years.

Our football team has won back-to-back Big 12 Titles and hasn’t lost a home game in its new Palace on the Brazos. Speaking of which, I would argue that McLane Stadium is the nicest in Texas. Aggie football? Not so much.

Want to look past football? Every single Baylor spring sport was ranked in the top 25 last semester. EVERY SINGLE ONE. Want to look past sports in general? Our beautiful campus, which was already magnificent, is now receiving touch-ups and new buildings left and right, making it one of the most beautiful campuses in the nation.

Every day I hear a different professor or guest speaker say how lucky we, the student body, are to be receiving a degree from such a prestigious and well-respected college. I have had more opportunities outside of academics here at Baylor than I could have ever imagined.

So, with this all being said, I decided to visit College Station last semester and see what I was missing out on. The answer? Nothing. I can honestly say I made the right decision.

Thomas Mott is a sophomore communications specialist major from Spring Branch. He is the Assistant Broadcast News Producer for the Lariat.