When in doubt, show the route: Fountain Mall path changes give us daily headaches

Judging from the model renderings, Fountain Mall looks like it’s going to be beautiful once construction is finished. I’ve got no qualms about the idea of Fountain Mall’s name actually making sense now. My issue is with how the school has gone about directing traffic around it.

Thus far, Baylor has done the bare minimum in terms of helping students get around during this period of construction.

How many times have they forcefully changed our routes for getting around campus? I understand that the fences have to move from time to time because the work area changes all the time. Which is why the signs that read “Pardon Our Progress. Please Use the Sidewalk” make sense logistically.

However, these signs fail to actually achieve their ultimate purpose, which is to direct traffic efficiently and effectively.

Come on, Baylor. All I’m asking for is just a little bit of help. You can build all these beautiful things to make our campus look good and all, but you’ve got to give the knowledge necessary to get from Point A to Point B when you’re always changing it up.

I receive a bunch of emails from Baylor that I mostly don’t read, and I’m sure that’s the case for most students. Now, if that email said in the subject line, “HOW TO CROSS FIFTH STREET TODAY,” I guarantee you that the majority of the recipients would open that email. Use the medium that you already have established in every student’s email by default.

The problem with the signs is that the arrows on them could mean I have to walk an extra 20 yards to the side or that I have to walk almost a quarter-mile in another direction. The signs are convoluted and, at this point, completely useless.

Fifth Street is basically the main artery of foot traffic on campus. It’s going to be great when that fountain is finished, but for the time being, help us out please.

All of this could have also been applied to the temporary grandstands in front of Moody Memorial Library for the Traditions Rally. The volume of traffic congestion by those bleachers is enormous. I understand they’re only there for a short amount of time because of the rally, and I’m sure the event will greatly benefit from their presence. My issue is the grandstands were shoved in there without any warning from the school.

Let the student body know when you’re doing this kind of stuff while also helping them find the best way to detour around it.

Jeffrey Swindoll is a senior film and digital media and journalism major from Miami, Fla. He is the Sports Editor for the Lariat.