Baylor to hold World Cinema Series

Baylor University’s department of modern languages and cultures will be holding a free World Cinema Series with films being shown every Tuesday at 6 p.m. in Bennett Auditorium.

The goal of the cinema series, which started Sept. 1, is to give students an opportunity to experience cultures around the world through film, according to a news release from the Baylor communications department. The event is sponsored by the department of modern languages and cultures with Dr. Cristian Bratu, associate professor of French in charge.

“The purpose of The World Cinema Series is to provide students with a global perspective,” Bratu said.

The idea for the cinema series came to Professor Bratu when he was at home watching television, he said. He noticed there were no movies in foreign languages. Bratu, who grew up in Europe, said there are movies shown in different languages with subtitles on television very often in other counties. After recognizing this trend on television, Bratu decided to survey his classes about whether they had seen any foreign films. The majority of the students had never watched any films from overseas, he said.

“Its important to see how people live in different countries,” Bratu said. “We need to expose students to information from other countries.”

The event is going into is ninth year and has seen success in the past. When professor Bratu arrived in 2007, a French professor was only showing four French films. As other professors in the modern language department saw the success of this it began to grow.

“It started as the European cinema series and then grew into the world cinema series,” Bratu said.

While the films are targeted towards students studying modern languages, all students can benefit from watching these films. Bratu references ‘Pro Futuris,’ part of the Baylor motto, for the impact of the cinema series.

“Students become leaders in this globalized world,” Bratu said. “They change lives in different countries.”

The use of film to help the students learn about other cultures is one Bratu says resonates with the current college generation.

“Your generation likes film,” Bratu said. “Kids today like music and film.”

Rosario Colchero-Dorado, lecturer of Spanish said the series brings the students beyond the classroom.

“The films are a great opportunity to see a variety of topics and get perspectives,” Colchero-Dorado said. “Thats why we’re here, to get different points of view.”

The films will be ranging from countries such as Australia, France, Italy, Spain, China and Russia. The professors in the modern language department spent summer break to think of movies to be in the series, Bratu said. The wide range of counties and languages is something Professor Bratu hopes will draw in more students.

“I’d love to be able to have as many students as possible,” Bratu said.

In the past the average attendance has been 30 to 40 students Bratu said. They have reached totals of around 120, packing Bennett auditorium.

The film festival will run both semesters. If interested in seeing a list of the films planned for the fall semester visit their website.