D1 brings elite training to Waco

Former Baylor linebacker Eddie Lackey performs crunches at the new D! Sports training facility in Waco.  Cody Soto | Sports Writer
Former Baylor linebacker Eddie Lackey performs crunches at the new D! Sports training facility in Waco.
Cody Soto | Sports Writer

By Cody Soto
Sports Writer

The shriek of the whistle started it all. It was 5 a.m. and I had already been up for 45 minutes. I had no idea what was to expect for the next hour, but I knew it was not going to be easy.

D1 Sports is a brand new training facility on Franklin Ave. The new location is less than two months old, and the new branch of D1Sports brings familiar faces to Central Texas. The facility is co-owned by 2011 Heisman winner Robert Griffin III and former San Diego Chargers running back LaDainian Tomlinson. Clients will also see another notable Baylor great around D1: former Baylor linebacker Eddie Lackey. He serves as the facility coordinator in Waco.

The name of the facility doesn’t do it justice. While D1Sports focuses on helping train athletes and boost their abilities to an elite level, it’s not just for their benefit. D1Sports offers programs to people of all ages: elementary and middle school children, young teenagers, high school athletes, college students and working adults. Walking into the workout area at 5 a.m., there was a variety of people ready to work.

Going to the gym to lift weights and get a good workout in can be intimidating sometimes. Many athletes and individuals to devote themselves to a fitness lifestyle can make someone uncomfortable because he or she is not able to perform as well as the fitness buffs. D1Sports does not make its clients feel that way.

The staff recognizes that each person is at a different level. Although the trainer encourages the client to push themselves, the person is not required to do anything that they do not feel comfortable doing. Each person knows their limits, and the staff at D1Sports embraces that concept.

Facility quality is important in deciding what workout program to go with, and D1Sports is the cream of the crop. A 30-yard football turf blankets the floor of the workout area and weights surround the outskirts of the field. Clients can look around and see the words discipline, accountability, and the biblical reference “iron sharpens iron” plastered on walls.

Along with the encouraging words, the atmosphere is electric. This is a big factor in determining whether or not someone will continue going to the facility. The sound of hard work is combined with music in the air, and the doubt of completing the workout disappears. The work ethic of clients can be credited to the staff. Each trainer has a background in the fitness industry, ranging from dance to individual sports, so a client is in good hands.

The positive reinforcement and encouragement during a workout makes a difference. Although they want you to see results, they want you to want to get in shape. They care about their customers, and that individual attention is not felt in other workout facilities.

Participating in a 5 a.m. bootcamp workout tested both my physical and mental ability. After a few days of hard work with the D1Sports training staff, my mentality began to change. It no longer became a question of, “Can I do this?” It switched into a question of, “Will my body let me do this?” With that mentality, it can make someone a strong athlete.

The biggest problem with joining a new, elite sports training facility is the cost. Yes, D1Sports is not accepting pennies for its services. Just like any fitness business, the price tag to maintain or develop a healthy habit is not going to be cheap. Customers don’t have to go in blind though. A free one-day trial for the strength and boot camp programs are available to potential clients, so if you really want to try it out, go for it. The money spent with a membership or for personal training will be worth it.

The mentality of “no routines” may not suit some people who like knowing what they will work out that morning or afternoon, but for someone that is willing to be surprised on a daily basis, a D1Sports workout is perfect.

Overall, the quality of staff service, the training facility and the mental and physical challenges presented each day provides clients with a good workout experience. D1Sports may not be for everyone, but for the people that are willing to work for it, they can see some good results.

After each workout, I stayed around for 10 minutes to catch my breath and try to stop sweating before heading home. I had just finished an intense one hour workout, and although I was completely exhausted, no amount of sweat can take away the amount of work I put into the program. D1Sports is the real deal, and it’s here to stay in Waco.