It’s Sing season once again

By Allie Matherne

Students are showing up to class with hairspray locked in, tapping their feet to the beat of their performances. All-University Sing, a tradition that has captivated Baylor for 62 years, kicked off Thursday in Waco Hall.

Each year groups create a unique act to catch the attention of the judges and the audience. There are 18 acts this year.

Preparation begins early for the four-hour show. Student Productions and the organizations begin collaborating in March of the year before, said Patrick Kendrick, executive producer of Sing, in an email to the Lariat.

“It’s been so cool – we’ve been working on this act for almost a whole year now,” said Austin junior Natalie Crane.

Student Productions and the organizations participating work collaboratively on the show. Student Productions is responsible for making sure the show runs smoothly and it is as excellent as expected, while the Sing chairs focus on the creativity of their acts, Kendrick wrote.

“My favorite aspect of Sing is seeing how a simple idea or theme comes to life on stage,” Kendrick said. “Sing Chairs are so creative and work extremely hard on their acts. I really love seeing the dedication they have for creating a great act for their organization.”

Picking a theme, developing it and keeping it a secret are all challenges the Sing chairs face, said Crane, Chi Omega’s executive sing chair.

It is a huge undertaking that requires a lot of practice, Amarillo junior Chase Thompson said.Thompson is the Phi Kappa Chi Sing chair.

“We do have one group that is back in Sing this year, Fiji, after taking a year off,” Kendrick said.
Each group has worked tirelessly to create an impressive act, Kendrick said.

Each group has had various practices during the weeks leading up to the event.

“They’ve showed up with their game faces on,” Crane said on her organization’s work.

“I hope that guests leave with a great appreciation for the work all the groups have don,” Kendrick said. “I love the great tradition that is All-University Sing and hope people really feel like it was well worth four hours of their time. I believe it will be.”