Music dean list narrowed to 3 candidates

By Hannah Neumann
Staff Writer

Following Dr. William May’s retirement as dean of the School of Music last spring, the music department conducted a thorough search for a replacement and has found its top three candidates.

Students of the School of Music have been invited to meet each of the candidates through a series that began Tuesday with the introduction of Dr. Randall Bradley.

Dr. Randall Bradley
Dr. Randall Bradley

Bradley, the director of the Church Music Program and The Center for Christian Music Studies, was named as a candidate on fliers posted in the Glennis McCrary Music Building on Monday.

Because the fliers were meant for the attention of music students only, James Bennighof, vice provost of Academic Affairs and Policy, said he could neither confirm nor deny if Bradley was truly a candidate.

The Lariat was not able to reach Bradley for comment.

The other two candidates will remain anonymous until their visits are announced, Bennighof said.

He said key qualities of the candidates include the ability to cast a good vision for the school of music, a good, professional record as a musician or music scholar and someone who is able to manage well.

“We are looking for someone who has a good and constructive perspective on Baylor’s faith mission,” he said.

Bennighof said the committee will solicit student feedback about each candidate after the completion of the series.

“We will collect all the input we receive and then the search committee will review all of that information as well as their own perceptions,” he said. “Then they will make a recommendation and report on each of the three candidates to the provost.”