Viewpoint: @ManBunMondays is top notch

Monday. My favorite day of the week.

It didn’t used to be my favorite day. That is, until I discovered the best Instagram account on my favorite topic.

And that topic is man buns, also known as “muns.”

Every day, but especially on Mondays, @ManBunMonday graces my Instagram feed with portraits of tresses piled on top of men’s crowning glory.

The man bun is truly a work of art, a delicate balance of masculinity, androgyny, irony and creativity.
Perhaps the trend started centuries ago with the stylish Terracotta Warriors.

Long hair on men used to be seen mainly on skaters, surfers, hippies or Rastafarians.

Men who have rocked the man bun effortlessly and graciously include One Direction’s Zayn Malik, Game of Thrones’ Kit Harington, Ireland’s Hozier and Mulan’s Li Shang.

Even Bruce Jenner has tried the man bun, but that’s another story.

The list of wearers of this trend goes on and on. But, whether it’s half-shaved, fine, kinky or in dreadlocks, all hair types can sport the man bun.

A truly versatile hairstyle, the man bun made its first appearance in my life last semester while I was studying in London.

The congested streets and public transportation were filled with seasoned man bun veterans and other men trying out the easy, effortless style.

After coming back to America in December, I noticed man buns were quickly gaining popularity and causing obsessions among its admirers on this side of the pond.

Maybe it’s because it can save a guy’s otherwise greasy or unsightly mane and make it look it attractive and put together. Maybe it’s because it represents someone who is not defined by social gender constructions. Or maybe it’s because it’s a sign of a man who will always have spare hair ties to donate. Man buns are a true win-win trend for everyone.

Although GQ claims the man bun will no longer be a trend this year, it’s become even more popular as more and more men are beginning and middle stages of growing out their hair.

The numerous Tumblr and Instagram accounts, Buzzfeed posts and even YouTube tutorials prove the growing popularity of the hairstyle and that it’s here to stay.

The man bun is quickly replacing the hipster mustache and beard trend. Muns may even make men forgo their regular trims and haircuts instead of throwing out their razors every November.

While not completely original, this trend has garnered more wearers, fans, tutorials and Instagram accounts and will continue to be seen on the red carpet, runways and on the streets.

Shannon Barbour is a senior political science major from Harbor City, Calif. She is a reporter and regular columnist for the Lariat.