Letter: Wayward-spraying sprinklers need straightening

When current Baylor students were asked what some of the most noticeable errors on campus that struck as most prominent were, among the topics presented was poor placement of our campus sprinklers.

Although winter has been upon us, many have still noticed how our campus sprinklers tend to miss the grass in many locations, or more specifically, be placed at the very edge to where 80 percent of the water douses the surrounding sidewalks rather than the grass. Many students have complained about how their tuition helps “water the sidewalk,” and even in some cases, during severe storms.

We are all well aware as a student body of Baylor’s vast efforts to maintain a crystal clean and shimmering campus that we can all be proud of, but how much is too much? Awareness of just how much water really is being wasted is necessary as we go forward as a university, to make our campus just as environmentally efficient as it is beautiful.

— Katy freshman Cassandra Rodriguez

Journalism major