Baylor’s Fitness Department starts the new year on a healthy note

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By: Shannon Barbour

Baylor Fitness Department kicked off the semester by giving students, professors and community members plenty of health and fitness information at its first Fit Well Expo.

Participants, many dressed in workout gear, gathered 9 a.m Saturday in the Barfield Drawing Room of the Bill Daniel Student Center.

“What better way to start off the school year than with this expo?” said Van Davis, the assistant director for fitness and nutrition education.

The event was held to educate attendees on how to live holistically, which is to exercise, eat healthily and be strong spiritually.

“I’m glad the students took the time out this morning to come learn and get healthy the right way,” Davis said.

Presenters included researchers, lecturers and experts in their respective fields. The first presenters, Dr. Megan Patterson and Master of Public Health graduate student Stefan Huber shared their health tips during their “Being Well in 2015” presentation.

Patterson and Huber stressed the importance of sleep and helped attendees to complete meal planning preparation sheets to help with their New Year’s resolutions.

“Sleep should be prioritized the same way you prioritize your workout and the same way you prioritize your meals,” Patterson said.

Spiritual wellness, often neglected in health routines, was at the heart of the event and repeated in multiple presentations.

“Don’t forget your mind and your soul,” said Patterson.

Davis carried the event into the afternoon by demonstrating seven stretches that can be done in the classroom or at the office.

Lunch, goodie bags and raffle tickets were given to participants who are motivated to be healthier in the new year. Darian Haynes, a biology pre-pharmacy sophomore, attended the event to get more ideas about how to get healthier and feel better.

“Not only does being fit improve your emotions, but it makes you feel good on the outside and inside,” said Haynes.

All Group X classes this week are free for those who want to try different workouts. The classes, held in the McLane Student Life Center, include Pilates, belly dancing and boxing.

“Figure out two to three things you like so you can change it up and not get bored,” said Davis.

The fitness department is also starting two six-week programs to encourage the campus to get active with an end goal in mind.

Both the TRX Training Program and the 6-Week Live Active Challenge start Monday and end right before Spring Break.

The fitness department takes the fear and questioning out of trying a new program with a TRX, beginner’s class that will start at 5:30 p.m. on Monday.

Davis encourages students and faculty to join the Live Active Challenge to win a Fit Pack, which includes a Fitbit, T-shirt, water bottle, workout towel and a massage certificate.

Whoever is the most active in their everyday life and in their workouts, which will be converted to a certain amount of miles, will win the competition.

The male and female student and a male and female faculty or staff member with the most miles earned can each win the prize. Those who are interested can sign up at