Lariat Letters: Tolerance can’t be seen along party lines

Starting off, I will say that I am a non-Muslim, tolerance defender getting on my soapbox. However, replace the “pseudo-intellect” part with actual history.

I’m not going to state that the truth about Islam is that it’s all about peace, because I don’t practice Islam. I’m not going to act like I am a scholar on a religious doctrine that I haven’t spent my life studying. The author of “Politically Correct isn’t always right” published Oct. 14, tried to find an argument that Islamic doctrine is naturally violent because he simply googled “violent Qur’anic phrases.” This evidence is slightly more credible than the xenophobic principles used to pass Executive Order 9066.

Throughout recorded history, people have been committing horrific acts of evil under the guise of religion. ISIS can be seen as an Ideology of Islam the same way the Westboro Baptist Church, the KKK, the IRA, and people of Jonestown are ideologies to each Christian.

The recorded beheading of those American and British Citizens is truly a disgusting act, but let us not forget that in Waco in 1916, Jesse Washington was publicly dragged from the courts, castrated, had his fingers cut off, hung over a bonfire and later had his body parts sold by Christians.

At one point, Swindoll tries to state that many Muslims are intolerant against homosexuals and quotes percentages across the world. Christians are no more innocent. Muslims did not pass Uganda’s anti-homosexuality law. In fact, American evangelical Scott Lively lobbied and spoke before the Ugandan parliament to push through the legislation.

Tolerance shouldn’t be something that is seen along party lines. For those curious about Islam, talk to a Muslim. I promise they don’t want to kill you. They want you to listen.

– Mesquite sophomore Marc Webb
International studies major