Lariat Letter: The safety is ‘on’ with Baylor gun bill

I first want to thank and congratulate the Student Senate for making a common sense and practical decision to allow CHL holders to carry on Baylor’s campus. As we have seen from so many tragic mass shootings, in the face of no defense, these tragedies are more devastating than they need be.

To allow CHL holders to carry is both a support of the U.S. Constitution’s Second Amendment and a wise and safe decision for the students and faculty of the Baylor family.

Once again, Baylor has taken a step of logic and freedom in the face of irrational arguments against basic safety.

Thank you Baylor Students!

– Baylor alumnus Wes Wakefield
BAA ‘98

*Editor’s Note: The Student Senate does not have the authority to permit CHL holders to carry firearms on campus. It only has the power to recommend this change.