Lariat Letter: Baylor roads are a problem

I’m writing to express my concern regarding the roads on campus. I see them as dated and hard to navigate through.

The roads are bumpy and have many potholes. There are huge dips in the road that cause cars lower to the ground to scratch their bumper and can cause damage.

As well as the condition of the roads, the location of them is inconvenient as well. Many times, when attempting to merge onto the road from a parking garage, I find myself unable to see if there is oncoming traffic because of large bushes near the exit blocking my view. Not only does this prolonged wait to exit annoy drivers behind me, it also creates a safety hazard for my car and for oncoming traffic.

It does not make sense to me that Baylor can spend $250 million on a new stadium, but continue to neglect the roads on campus.

– Spring sophomore Mackenzie Klempnauer
Communications major