Lariat Letters: Late-night golf cart service needs more carts

As a student who studies late at night, I was introduced to the golf cart shuttle service provided here on campus.

Though a wise and very thoughtful service, it can be very inconvenient at times. The cart, more often than not, takes way too long to arrive to pick up students from their location. There are instances where I would call the shuttle, only to have them arrive 30 to 40 minutes later, usually with an apology and additional, “I had to drop another student off.”

As one would think, the purpose of the golf cart shuttle service is to ensure the safe return of students to their dorms by not having them stand outside for long periods of time after the places they are at have closed, and not having them walk across campus alone late at night.

On campus, everything is about a 15-minute walk at most (going off the time students have between classes during the day), and sometimes the cart takes longer to get to the student than for the student to walk to their destination.
Wouldn’t if be fair to request that the school get more golf carts or use more of the ones they have around campus for this specific service?

– New Orleans sophomore Aasia Miller
Journalism major