Points of View: Student body president focuses on better student experience

Dominic Edwards_CTAugust 21, 2014-6 FTW2
Dominic Edwards
Student Body President

Baylor University is entering a time of unprecedented notoriety and exceptional success. No longer is our commitment to clearly understanding our desired destination simply a personal conviction. But now, our pursuit of excellence and our Christian commitment are on display for the entire world to see. While the complexity of our institution lies in recognizing and involving multiple constituency groups, I am afforded the opportunity to lead a very special group: the student body.

On June 1, I began my role as the 2014-2015 student body president. This role not only requires a keen institutional understanding and an ear to the voice of the students, but also demands vision. I write to assure each of you that I am eager to take the steps necessary to accomplish meaningful goals that I think will transform our current student experience into an even greater experience.

The realities of the year ahead can seem almost overwhelming. With so much happening right now – a new on-campus football stadium and the largest incoming class in our history – it is easy to become fixated on certain aspects of the year. Though those important are to note, I do not want to lose sight of the vision and strategic goals of our university. There are three categories of potential transformation that I believe to be of utmost importance to me. Working with key leaders across campus, I will emphasize the need to enhance opportunities for students to participate in summer school; increase the placement rate for graduates; and strengthen the ties between current students and alumni.

I believe a larger emphasis should be placed on summer opportunities at Baylor. By providing financial assistance, expanded class selections, and dynamic campus engagement experiences, students would be able to take advantage of so much that Baylor has to offer year round. With a greater importance placed on the summer experience, I am confident that we, as students, will have the resources to graduate in four years and succeed academically.

Another topic that I believe merits discussion and action is ensuring that job and graduate and professional school placement rates equal the quality of education we already possess. The graduates that our institution sends out into the world are exceptional. Put plainly, the employers and experiences as well as graduate and professional school opportunities for our graduates should also be exceptional.

The final focus of mine will be to strengthen the relationship between current undergraduates and the Baylor Alumni Network. When freshman walk through the columns of Independence during Line Camp, we relish in the idea that they are lifelong members of ‘That Good Ol’ Baylor Line.’ That idea is rooted not only in a set of similar experiences, convictions and affections for Baylor; but is also steeped in a regard for the future of our beloved institution. By strengthening the relationship bridging the gap between students and alumni, we can create a spirit of unity here at Baylor University that will be unparalleled by any in the country.

I am eager to see what amazing opportunities and advances God has in store. With the faith of so many who love Baylor, we are sure to see progress. As we begin this school year, I encourage each member of the student body to challenge me, your student body president. Challenge me to uphold the values that I campaigned on. Challenge me to continue to boldly advocate for the student body. Challenge me to prove my leadership abilities again and again. I am always happy to help my fellow students in any way. Please feel free to stop by the Student Government Office and say hello. Welcome back!

Dominic Edwards is a senior marketing major from Arlington. He is the student body president for the 2014-2015 academic year.