Review: Freshii is open for business in SUB

By Hayley Leonard

Freshii is a new healthy eating franchise that promotes the motto “Eat. Energize.” Now open in the Student Union Building at Baylor, the eatery originally opened its first location in Toronto, Canada. The company aims to help people live healthier and longer lives through its fresh and nutritious meal options that include salads and wraps, burritos, soups, juices, smoothies, frozen yogurt and a number of breakfast foods.

The most popular food options are the Baja and Bangkok burritos.

I opted for the Baja burrito since it had a gold star, indicating it was the most popular burrito.

I added chicken as a protein source and ordered my burrito with a collard green wrap and no red onions.

The atmosphere was very crisp and sleek, with Freshii’s green and white color scheme and silver stations behind the counter.

The food is visible while you are ordering, so it is similar to Subway in its transparency.

Because of the fresh, new feel of the place I would rate the atmosphere 3 forks.

The staff was courteous enough, however what I ordered and what I received did not match.

The red onions were still there and ingredients that were listed in the burrito’s description, such as the salsa, pico de gallo and avocado, were missing.

Seeing how my order turned out was somewhat disappointing considering there were maybe five people ahead of me.

It makes me wonder how the staff will handle the lunch-time rush once school begins.

Because of these factors, I would rate the service 2.5 forks.

Finally, we get to the food. As I mentioned previously, my food had its mistakes, but I knew I could overlook that fault if the food was tasty.

Because of the onions, I had to pick apart the green wrap about half way through eating it. Tasting each of the components separately and then as a whole, I realized there was not a lot of flavor to be found.

The colors of the burrito had a nice contrast between the green of the wrap, the red of the onions and the white quinoa and cabbage, but the taste was bland.

Also, adding the chicken caused my total to be about $9, which seemed a bit overpriced considering the size of the burrito.

Because of the lack of flavor in an otherwise brightly colored, yet somewhat expensive wrap, I would rate the food 2 forks.

Taking an average of the three scores for atmosphere, service, food the overall forks score for Freshii is 2.5.

Would I go back to Freshii? Perhaps, but I would try a different option.

Would I recommend Freshii to a friend based on this experience? Probably not.

Is Freshii comparable to the other staple places in the SUB? That’s for you to decide.