It’s a bird…..It’s a plane….Baylor alumni find superhuman confidence after graduation.

Alumni pride
Alumni pride.
Alumni pride.

By Tori Jackson

Baylor graduates receive more than a diploma when they cross the Ferrell Center stage; they receive an opportunity.

Alumni have the chance to show pride in their alma mater, which they will go out into the world to represent.

“Baylor has given me the opportunity to develop spiritually, academically, social and professional,” said 2012 alumnae Tiffany Clark. “Like most other freshmen, I came to Baylor with a desire to grow, and this university has more than succeeded in helping me do that.”

Baylor prides itself on education and prepares each student for success. The 15:1 student-faculty ratio at Baylor helps students succeed in the classroom and in the future.

“I am a proud alum because I know that it is my education at Baylor that has set me up to achieve my goals in my career field,” said 2012 alumnae Robin Reidmiller. “My time at Baylor allowed me to grow socially and be willing to step out of my comfort zone to meet new people. As a professional in the sales field, it is important that I am able to be outgoing and make connections, and my time at Baylor taught me how to do that.”

Clark said she is forever proud to call Bear Country her home away from home because of all the opportunities Baylor provides to stay connected. The Baylor Alumni Network provides opportunities for current Baylor students and graduates to come together as a family across the globe.

“Baylor does a great job of making sure that alumni stay connected to the university and make sure alums stay current with what’s happening on campus,” Clark said.

The Baylor Alumni Network stretches beyond the boundaries of Waco and even Texas — whether it’s a watch party for a Baylor football game or business network breakfast to meet young alumni in the job market, Baylor thrives on keeping its community connected.

“It’s great to see Baylor’s network throughout the world,” said 2011 alumnae Briana Tolbert. “No matter where I am, there’s an alumni ready to throw up a Sic ‘em. Our network continues to grow and expand.

Baylor alumni are doing really wonderful things in all places of the world.”

Because of the success of Baylor athletics, more and more alumni are coming back to Waco to support their alma mater to victory.

“I am most proud of the way student-athletes, coaches and community have all come together and contributed to the success of the program,” said Tolbert, a former member of the Baylor volleyball team.

“So many have played such a pivotal role in helping BU to ‘rise up,’ and it’s really something to be proud of.”

It’s not just former athletes who make note of Baylor’s journey to success on the field- students in the stands are taking notice too.

“I am also incredibly proud of all the exciting things that are happening with Baylor athletics,” Reidmiller said. “I remember games my freshman year when people would leave at halftime, but I stayed because I wanted to be a part of the Baylor experience. Now we’re Big 12 Champions, and that’s huge.”

Baylor alumni may be many miles away from each other, but Clark believes that Baylor is more than a university; she believes Baylor is a family.

“I am proud to call Baylor home because it is a university that thrives on making sure its current students and alumni feel like a family,” she said.