Lariat Letters: Pledging should be removed altogether

Regarding Megan Grindstaff’s April 15 column titled “Greek organizations should have pledges,” perhaps it is time to throw the baby out with the bath water.

With at least 10 hazing deaths since 2006, separating pledging from hazing is simply too fine a distinction for a Greek organization heretofore known preeminently for slurring the distinction between Rush Week and Death Week.

This would be for new pledges and so-called experienced members still obsessed with the old way of doing business. Animal House is way passé. Producing a new baby with freshly-drawn bath water, while putting tradition-wracked pledging on the R&R view mirror would truly uncover whether fraternities can regain their value, impetus, pulse and integrity. Now this would really, really be a new tradition of honor and self-esteem.

George Starks
Anti-hazing advocate